New attention grabbing idea for brands

Have a look at this hi-tech app called Chirp which twirls sound for sending out information. In fact it is a means to distribute links via sound. This platform makes it really easy to share information among individuals who are present not very far from each other. What is really interesting about Chirp is that unlike other avenues such as facebook, twitter or linkedin where you need the recepients’ consent, you simply need to press the yellow Chirp button and your message will be audible  to iphones  on which the  Chirp app is on.

Have a look at the video to get an idea about Chirp.

Chirp makes it possible to generate and distribute links with the help of sound. The iphones on which the  app is on picks up the sound and reveals the link to be downloaded. This is a novel idea for brands to communicate with prospects and customers. After receiving the data, it is possible to share it via social media platforms.



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