A superior shopping experience

Many a times during our cyber strolls we come across some fantastic products and might even want to buy it or refer to someone at a later time. It might happen that we would totally forget all about it, thanks to the vagaries of life. Well, I can relate with that and I know many will concur with it. The good news is an application called Slingshot has emerged on the scene to make the sometimes dreary shopping into a cool experience.

The interesting thing is, Slingshot makes it possible to add items to your existing shopping basket from a myriad of platforms such as mobile, facebook, websites , offline adverts or product display. If you see an offline advertisement with a QR code, simply scan it , get online and with the help of Slingshot add the product to your shopping basket. Businesses can take advantage of the impulse purchasing  which would come into place as a spin-off  of the technology. Nevertheless, it has to be a Slingshot participating store to make use of this facility for the business and its customers.

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I am sure this clever innovation  can open a huge  window of opportunity for stores by giving a chance for shoppers to view outside the box and do a memorable shopping. Popular brands such as Kellog’s, Tropicana, P&G, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are already on board using this technology which will significantly make a difference to their bottom line.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk


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