Discover products in pictures via crowdsourcing

Wow, technology and innovative entrepreneurs who really have taken a pledge to think different are taking us places. We see a lot of products  on the web every day through news,articles, blogs ,forums etc. Many of us would like to save what we have seen to discuss it with friends or would like to save it for having a look at it later on. Crowdsend an Australian start-up provides a platform where these images can be saved , talk about it and share our thoughts about these products with friends and acquaintances.

Through this amazing technology what actually happens is that you help people find the source of the products in the image at the best price , share ,review and give suggestions, then get rewards for the efforts taken. By including product details to images and merging  it with peoples’ knowledge about it, eventually the businesses and end users stand to gain. People can earn points by tagging images and hopefully  very soon they will be able to trade in points earned for physical products. As prospects get information on where the items in the images can be purchased, it indeed is an added benefit for brands.

The word is spreading quicker as more and more retailers are registered with crowdsend and millions of products are tagged in their list.To be a part of this awesome technology, next time you have a cyber stroll get on to

It is still in beta stage, so to get an invite go to : invitation




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