New attention grabbing idea for brands

Have a look at this hi-tech app called Chirp which twirls sound for sending out information. In fact it is a means to distribute links via sound. This platform makes it really easy to share information among individuals who are present not very far from each other. What is really interesting about Chirp is that unlike other avenues such as facebook, twitter or linkedin where you need the recepients’ consent, you simply need to press the yellow Chirp button and your message will be audible  to iphones  on which the  Chirp app is on.

Have a look at the video to get an idea about Chirp.

Chirp makes it possible to generate and distribute links with the help of sound. The iphones on which the  app is on picks up the sound and reveals the link to be downloaded. This is a novel idea for brands to communicate with prospects and customers. After receiving the data, it is possible to share it via social media platforms.



App assists to discover the top rated dishes at a restaurant

A new restaurant approbation app called seeks to rally round patrons to discover the finest dishes available at their local restaurants or cafes. It has to be noted that the app creates its top rated  food suggestions based on reviews shared on reputable websites such as Yelp, Foursquare and Instagram.

The app is free and can be downloaded here. In order to establish the top rated dish at an area,  evaluates the reviews and information available all over the internet and pulls out positive reviews from different platforms. considers every positive review as one “like” inside the app platform.

This idea is better elucidated in the video given below. makes it very easy for users to make use of the app, as users just have to tap on a picture to have a larger view or read comments and with another click it makes it possible to let other users know that you liked the dish. As it is in its fledgling stage, it is working hard to add more cities and countries in the coming months.





Discover products in pictures via crowdsourcing

Wow, technology and innovative entrepreneurs who really have taken a pledge to think different are taking us places. We see a lot of products  on the web every day through news,articles, blogs ,forums etc. Many of us would like to save what we have seen to discuss it with friends or would like to save it for having a look at it later on. Crowdsend an Australian start-up provides a platform where these images can be saved , talk about it and share our thoughts about these products with friends and acquaintances.

Through this amazing technology what actually happens is that you help people find the source of the products in the image at the best price , share ,review and give suggestions, then get rewards for the efforts taken. By including product details to images and merging  it with peoples’ knowledge about it, eventually the businesses and end users stand to gain. People can earn points by tagging images and hopefully  very soon they will be able to trade in points earned for physical products. As prospects get information on where the items in the images can be purchased, it indeed is an added benefit for brands.

The word is spreading quicker as more and more retailers are registered with crowdsend and millions of products are tagged in their list.To be a part of this awesome technology, next time you have a cyber stroll get on to

It is still in beta stage, so to get an invite go to : invitation




A superior shopping experience

Many a times during our cyber strolls we come across some fantastic products and might even want to buy it or refer to someone at a later time. It might happen that we would totally forget all about it, thanks to the vagaries of life. Well, I can relate with that and I know many will concur with it. The good news is an application called Slingshot has emerged on the scene to make the sometimes dreary shopping into a cool experience.

The interesting thing is, Slingshot makes it possible to add items to your existing shopping basket from a myriad of platforms such as mobile, facebook, websites , offline adverts or product display. If you see an offline advertisement with a QR code, simply scan it , get online and with the help of Slingshot add the product to your shopping basket. Businesses can take advantage of the impulse purchasing  which would come into place as a spin-off  of the technology. Nevertheless, it has to be a Slingshot participating store to make use of this facility for the business and its customers.

Watch this video to learn more

I am sure this clever innovation  can open a huge  window of opportunity for stores by giving a chance for shoppers to view outside the box and do a memorable shopping. Popular brands such as Kellog’s, Tropicana, P&G, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are already on board using this technology which will significantly make a difference to their bottom line.


Virtual 3D supermarkets

Now this I would say is technology at its best. “Yihaodian” which is a top grocery e-commerce business in China has take the marketing warfare to a different tangent to win over shoppers from competitors . Believe it or not, they have teamed up with Ogilvy and Mather China and opened 1000 stores in a flash.

Watch this video to get an idea of this concept.

It is interesting to note that these stores are not the physical brick and stick stores but purely virtual 3D outlets where shoppers can take a trip to a shop and do their purchase through a smart phone store app. Nevertheless, they have to be present at any of the 1000 spots. Shoppers can simply do their shopping as well as checkout and the items will be delivered at their preferred place. It is in fact similar to shopping at a conventional store where you can get into a shop, look through the aisle and do your shopping. It is the customers’ smart phone camera and the technology which brings the shops to being real. The uniqueness  of this concept is that it brings online shopping to offline world when most of the offline businesses are making plans to go the opposite way.


Technology notifies brands about customers’ reaction

Venueseen can be viewed as an undercover agent for brands, as it takes advantage of Foursquare’s and Intagram’s organic character and incorporates  brand engagement through user content. It brings about a conversation between businesses and its prospects which otherwise would have definitely not taken place.

Venueseen Campaigns from Venueseen on Vimeo.

Once a brand registers with Venueseen, it gathers comments and pictures customers share on Foursquare and Instagram. Brands can just log in to a control panel where all the comments etc. are stored and observe everything that is communicated about them by their prospects or customers.

This makes it possible for businesses to chip in and engage in the conversation which may be paramount in certain cases.  It is also possible to send targeted deals to prospects to ease the process of conversion. Venueseen goes a step further and make it easy for brands to get linked to their customers by enabling them to post customers’ comments to social media platforms.


QR Codes pay off in cash

QR code or Quick Response Code though initially intended for industrial uses, it has taken an important place in the marketing world. It has become possible for people to install an app on a smart phone by scanning a QR code and get prospects to a landing page.

Of late it has been used in many industries from retail to travel as it undoubtedly is a fast and easy way to bring prospects to associate with a brand.

A company called Qriket , brought about a system by which it gave people motivation to scan QR codes. They have created a smart phone app which enables people to win cash, based on a contest whenever they scan a QR code. The cash prize is ultimately given by brands who want to ensure that prospects are connecting with them through the QR codes that have been integrated into their marketing plan

Well, it looks like Qriket has succeeded in their undertaking by making it addictive as they have rewarded more than 0.5 million dollars to participants all over the world since November 2011.

Take a look at this video to learn more.


Free shirts for tweets

This is truly an entertaining and engaging concept designed by Ogilvy for Allen Solly’s newest range of men’s shirts ‘Hot Friday’ assortment . According to Ogilvy, it was the ‘First-ever Tweeple Operated Collection Launch’  done in the Indian city of Bangalore lately.

In the promotion, Tweeple Operated billboard with 52 shirts from the brand’s Autumn-Winter 2012 selection was mounted  in a retail center. The mechanism used in the campaign was in fact an innovative one. At the back of every pack of shirts, a solenoid was connected which was hooked up to a computer. As fans tweeted  # Rainingsolly, the solenoid would push a shirt out. While people standing nearby interacted with the billboard with their phones by tweeting, whoever tweeted the very moment a shirt was pushed out got it free.

Well, this innovative work has enabled to engage the audience and succeeded in connecting with the brand.

Have a look at this creative work done by Ogilvy.